Thursday, January 14, 2010

M6 Crash Report Latest - Alien Abduction Could Explain Cause

Further evidence uncovered about the recent M6 crash now suggests that alien abduction is being considered as the only possible explanation for some of the events leading to pile up.

An anonymous source close to the investigation has revealed further evidence that has left the team stalling on going public with the report due to the sensitive nature of the interim conclusions.

Whilst no one in the investigation team is prepared to go public, rumours have persisted from the start of some form of paranormal activity with the vehicles at the front of the crash being subject to the majority of focus.

Vigorous forensic examination of these vehicles has still produced no blood or other human tissue normally found in vehicles involved in an accident of this type. Electronic information from the three vehicles, two cars and one truck, seem to show that about thirty seconds prior to the point of impact they apparently ceased to work. Mechanical failure on this scale in three vehicles at the same exact point would carry odds of billions to one and has been all but ruled out.

Further examinations of the tachometer and electronic systems in the cars show there was no apparent mechanical anomalies right up to the point of impact.

The focus of the investigation has now apparently turned to the CCTV footage along that stretch of the M6. According to the source this clearly shows up to six occupants in the vehicles about one mile before impact but then footage from just before the impact seems to show all three vehicles are empty.

Investigations into the 10f26 diary are continuing.

Mark Collins
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