Friday, January 29, 2010

M6 Crash Report -Witheld CCTV Evidence could Prove Paranormal Activity

CCTV footage could hold the key to the ongoing mystery surrounding the recent crash on the M6.

One anonymous source closely involved in the investigation has revealed that roadside CCTV footage recorded immediately before and after the crash clearly shows three separate incidents that are proving impossible to explain.

Until now all the supporting evidence
has been continually dismissed by the authorities as they strenuously deny anything paranormal was reported at the scene. However the 'appearance' of this new evidence comes at a time when sources close to the investigation are indicating that there is now little they can do to provide a valid explanation for certain happenings that led up to and immediately after the crash.

The CCTV footage has been compiled from cameras on both the north and southbound carriageways and allegedly shows that moments before the crash a single light appeared to cut across the southbound carriageway after which the three vehicles at the front of the crash seem to lose control. Next there appears to be a distortion in the footage immediately after the crash that is isolated to an area just by the original light source. Finally there is also a point in the footage at which two people seem to 'appear' on the grass verge after the crash.

Whilst the light source was reported earlier, it was always thought that this was caused by a fault with the camera and not as a result of anything suspicious.

The anonymous source has claimed that a copy of the footage has been made by the investigation team and sent to another police department based in London - although the reasons for this are unclear.

Further speculation about the accuracy and motives behind the 1of26 blog are being scrutinised by the investigation team with the anonymous source claiming it could be being used to discredit any final report published into the accident.

Again, no one from the investigation team has been willing to officially go on the record to either deny or confirm anything about the alleged CCTV footage.

Investigations into the 10f26 diary are continuing.

Mark Collins
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  2. It seems the M6 is renowed for mystery accidents!!