Monday, April 12, 2010

Paris Crash Latest: Man Held Amid Body Tampering Allegations in Morgue

Reports alleging that someone broke into the morgue where four bodies involved in the recent crash in Paris were taken are beginning to circulate amongst the press in Paris.

The police have refused to rule out the allegations of the break in or that they are holding anyone in their custody for the alleged offence. They also still continue to maintain that security during this investigation has not been compromised as mounting rumours circulate about the circumstances surrounding the latest event to hamper their enquiries.

The allegations also claim that the person who broke into the morgue injected at least three of the bodies with an unknown chemical which has distorted findings from the subsequent autopsies; results of these are due to be released to the public in the coming days.
The crash victims were taken to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, the world renowned teaching hospital located in the centre of Paris. According to reports from several sources from within the hospital, the suspect who broke into the morgue where the bodies were due to be examined had managed to evade tight security. Security had been tightened due to the mounting speculation surrounding the accident including alleged eyewitness reports of 'bodies disappearing' and claims of a bright light being visible just before the crash.

Both this and the crash on the M6 have seen the authorities grapple with continued rumours of paranormal activity and counter-claims that a cover up was ordered by the investigating officers due to the nature of both incidents; an accusation strongly denied by both French and British officers.

Despite continued accusations that the incidents are linked neither the British or the French authorities would be drawn on commenting that a joint investigation was now under way.
Investigations into the 10f26 diary are continuing.

Mark Collins
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