Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M6 Paranormal Crash Footage: An elaborate hoax or clever marketing or the real thing?

As the internet becomes full of links and debates and forums talking about the mysterious footage that has suddenly appeared about the M6 Paranormal Crash the burning question on everyone’s lips is probably ‘is this real’?

It certainly looks real; anyone capable of pulling off a hoax that spontaneous probably needs congratulating.

But who is ‘Dino’? Why send it out now? Where’s the inevitable link to the movie and where can we find out more?

Interestingly ‘Dino’ claims in a very short reply to an e-mail I sent that he never really wanted to send it out in the first place, which begs the question why do it? Also our mystery man claims that one of his mates is into all things paranormal and that he made him put it out; that’s hardly a convincing reason though.

So here are the facts as we know them:

1. We have a video for a crash that no one can confirm or deny.

2. From a source that no one can interview.

3. That carries no obvious source of advertising or mechanism to make money.

So why do it?

Truth is we’ll probably never know. If it is true then it is a fascinating insight into an accident that has never been publicly acknowledged but one that I have on several occasions tried and failed to get to the bottom of.

If it isn’t true, and this is perhaps the most fascinating of all scenarios, why would someone spend all that time and money creating something that looks quite credible but has no apparent motive or end product?

You can view the video and judge for yourself at All News Web: